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Balance your hormones with Ayurveda

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Too much stress, not enough sleep, anxiety, egsistential fear, seemilngly never ending global pandemic, isolation, demanding job, overwhelming responsibilities, global warming, environmental crisis, wars... you name it. We all deal with the world and all the problems, as they appear at the moment. We all are searching for solutions, asking doctors, healers, grandmothers, nature and the elements.

What can we learn from a more than five thousand years old tradition and holistic health system, called Ayurveda, the science of life? The rishis, seers of India observed nature and channeled the wisdom from generation to generation. They understood how to keep body, mind and spirit in balance with nature.

As we study nature, we can observe that all life has seven levels of existence. In the book "The Reflective Universe: Evolution of Consciousness" Arthur M. Young explains that the kingdom of nature is sevenfold (light, nuclear, atomic, molecular, vegetable, animal and human) and each kingdom exhibits seven stages of structure and development. These are potential, binding, identity, combination, growth, mobility and dominion. According to the Vedas, the knowledge of ancient India, there are three forces which together manifest the Universe. The creative force, called rajas, the preservative force, sattva, and the transformative or destructive force, tamas. Edward F. Tarabilda explains in his book, "Ayurveda Revolutionized" that at the level of human physiology, the forces become the three doshas, the functional intelligences within the human body. Kapha dosa is responsible for growth, pitta dosa is responsible for the maintenance of the body and vata dosha is responsible for the decline of the body. We are made up of the five elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth. According Ayurveda, the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) are physical expressions of the five elements. Ether and air is Vata, fire and water are Pitta and water and earth are Kapha. Each of us has a predominance of certain elements when we are born. It is called one's constitution.

There are seven constitutions:

  • Vata: ether and air

  • Pitta: fire and water

  • Kapha: water and earth

  • Vata-Pitta: less of earth element

  • Pitta-Kapha: less ether and air element

  • Vata-Kapha: less fire element

  • Vata-Pitta-Kapha: a balance among the elements.

How to determine your dosha, the dominant constitution? There are tests and calculators online or you book a consultation with me.

There are seven Dhatus, tissue elements: rasa (plasma, lymph-), blood-, muscle-, adipose-, bone-, bone marrow-, reproductive tissue. Ojas is the essence of the seven tissues. It is the vital energy that governs the hormonal balance. When we have a poor nutrition, rasa dathu damages the deeper tissue levels, too. Indeed, the most precious tools, we have to create balance, are:

  • ahaara: nutrition

  • nidra: sleep

  • brahmacharya: preserving energy and honoring ethical principles.

Rejuvenation takes place on physical, mental and spiritual level. But before we start, the body must be cleansed. There are so many ways to cleanse. In Ayurveda it is called Pancha karma. I had the privilege to undergo Pancha karma, but when you can't find a trustworthy Ayurvedic institute with experienced doctors, I would recommend to prepare a 21-days cleanse retreat at home. My favorite program is in the book, "Simple Recipes for Joy" by Sharon Gannon. #simplerecipesforjoy

Get good sleep. It is easy said, but how is the reality? My first step was to ban phone and electric devices from the bedroom. I hear myself saying, I need an alarm clock and I want to know what time it is in the night when I wake up. Well, I got an alarm clock, as our parents and grandparents had. I prepare a cup of good night lavender tea and try my best not to watch the news, action movies and not to have a disturbing conversation before bedtime. Dimming the light in the room, lighting a candle or using a calming natural etheric oil can help, too.

You can also book an Integrated Sound Healing session with me.

Meditate! It is easy to set a timer and sit with your thoughts every morning and/or evening. But how can we establish a regular meditation practice? Join our meditation group or book a One-to-One session with me. "Meditating with the body as our guide, we come to feel that, perhaps for the first time in our lives, we are in the presence of a being, our own body, that is wise, loving, flawlessly reliable and worthy of our deepest devotion." - Reggie Ray from the book "Touching Enlightenment".

Gentle yoga! Practice with a small group every day or book a One-to-One gentle yoga class with me.

Hormones are chemical messengers, our body produce them through glands in the endocrine system (thyroid, pancreas, testes, ovaries, etc.). They have a powerful effect on basic processes in the body, like regulating hunger, affect our mood, weight, sleep patterns or influencing our reproductive systems.

"Our hormones do not go out balance in a vacuum. They respond to our experiences, relationships, emotions, thoughts, environment and reactions." - Claudia Welch M.D. sums it up in her book "Balance your hormones, Balance your life.

We create biology with our thoughts and experiences. Hormones come into balance when our lives come into balance. We can not address only symptoms and try to fix them in short-term run. Let's rethink our attitude and lifestyle. Do we live in harmony with nature? When we follow the circadian rhythm of the Earth for sleep, eating, breathing and moving mindfully, while trying our best to reduce excessive stimuli and blue light during the evenings and getting adequate daylight (Vitamin D) during the day.

You have the right to live a happy and healthy life! Stay strong and positive! We can resist the craziness of the world through joy, conscious diet- and lifestyle choices. Being sad or angry doesn't help you nor does the world. Sing, dance and enjoy art! Maintain a beautiful, happy and bright life. Grab your tools, good nutrition, enough sleep, daily yoga- and meditation practice. Keep calm and pray every day, when it is in your practice. Taking care of yourself, you take care of everyone at the same time.

- Ottilia Unrath

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